Illustration Samples

Construction Graphics LLC
Illustration services to the design & construction community

Banner Ad for Google SketchUp
Google used our graphic detail of a masonry cavity wall shelf angle to illustrate the capabilities of their SketchUp drafting program.  Google singled out this drawing from a collection of thousands of drawings submitted to their 3D warehouse repository, and ran this banner ad on several construction-themed web sites including McGraw Hill's Engineering News Record (ENR) website.  

Marketing Graphics for Masonry Accessory Manufacturer
We created a 3D view of a masonry cavity wall to illustrate the cavity drainage and weep products for this manufacturer of masonry accessories on their web site and printed advertisements.

Terrazzo Flooring Details
We created a series of architectural details for a supplier of polyacrylate terrazzo flooring systems.  These details are used in the company's printed brochure, web site, and in AIA-registered continuing education programs.

Illustrations for Technical Articles and Papers

We have illustrated technical articles for Structure Magazine, The Construction Specifier (the official publication of the Construction Specifications Institute), Masonry Construction Magazine, and other design and construction journals.

Stone Veneer Details

Via a third party technical consultant, we worked with a stone veneer fabricator to produce a series of stone veneer architectural details for the company's web site and technical resource material.


Book Illustration

The authors of The Architect's Guide to Preventing Water Infiltration published by Wiley & Sons contacted us to help illustrate Chapter 9:  Exterior Wall Systems.  These illustrations focus on portland cement plaster over a variety of backing systems.

Building Models

We can generate exterior or interior renderings from the 3D model, enabling our clients to visualize volumes, spaces, colors, and textures.  By using the 3D model to study different design options before construction begins, our clients can be sure to get the outcome they desire on their project.

Construction Drawings & Shop Drawings

Use our drafting services to generate construction drawings and shop drawings for your next project.  We work closely with our clients to fully understand their building products, how they fit within the building system, and how to graphically communicate with clarity and precision.


Masonry Wall Systems
Construction Graphics is producing drawings for a brick manufacturer to illustrate their products as used in a masonry wall assembly.  The drawings are descriptive, showing all major components of the system, without losing focus on the key material:  the brick.  These graphics will be used for life cycle cost analyses and AIA-registered continuing education seminars.