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Make your building products come to life with professional 3d drafting

Floor Plan Service

If you need conceptual or dimensioned floor plans to get bids on your renovation project or to help sell your home or building, allow Construction Graphics to prepare your floor plans, renderings, and concept drawings. We can quickly and efficiently document your existing conditions and generate a 2D or 3D floor plan as well as elevations and 3D renderings of your home or building. We can also help with conceptual visualizations for your design or renovation project. View samples of our floor plans and concept drawings below.

2D Floor Plans

Floor Plan

2D residential floor plans drawn to scale are perfect for conveying your ideas to builders and remodelers to get bids and material takeoffs. Floor plans are also extremely effective tools for helping sell or rent your home or commercial space.

3D Floor Plans & Concept Drawings


3D floor plans, concept drawings, and renderings are useful for communicating spatial information and photorealistic conditions. Construction Graphics can help you visualize your designs.

Commercial Renovation


Construction Graphics was engaged to perform an existing conditions survey of this commercial space and produce dimensioned as-built drawings that the client’s architect could use to design from.